Silent Scream LP BlackBeauty

Silent Scream LP BlackBeauty

Usually we prefer to build our own guitar shapes, but sometimes you can order a classic from us. It was like that this time. Jurek, a man with a big heart and a passion for playing the guitar, already has our screamcaster. He always dreamed of having BlackBeauty. So we made this dream come true, and the joy he showed while playing the guitar spun a tear in our eyes. We were given a free hand in the selection of materials, accessories and possible modifications, so we eagerly set to work on this, not the easiest project, as it turned out later. This is the result of our work.

Honduran mahogany
Black colour
Varnish: polyurethane

Tuners: Gotoh
Bridge: TonePros
Strings: D’addario NYXL

3. Neck
Honduran mahogany
The inside is reinforced with graphite rods
Ebony fingerboard
22 JESCAR frets
Black colour
Side Markers: Luminlay (Fluorescent)
Saddle: Graphteh TUSQ

Pickups: Lindy Fralin HumCancelling P90
Potentiometer: CTS
Socket: Switchcraft